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Accessibility Resources for Faculty

Accessibility Resources for Faculty

Library Resources and Accessibility

Information about accessible resources at the library and learning commons.

Accessibilty: Library Databases

The library's article databases provide digtial versions of articles in two different formats: PDF or HTML. You can download  the  HTML or PDF file from the database, and use a "read-aloud' software, such as Kurzweil, to read the document aloud.

You can also use  Adobe Reader's "read aloud" functionality to read many PDFs.

In addition, some library databases, such as EBSCO's databases, have a "read-aloud" function built right in, as well as an accessibility-friendly search interface.

Please ask a librarian if you need assistance and we will be happy to help.

Built -In Read Aloud Functionality in Databases

EBSCO databases (such as Academic Search Premier) have a read-aloud feature for HTML articles that may be manually activated.

• choose the HTML Full Text option and the Listen icon appears on the Tools list just under the title of the article

• you may select three different accents and reading speeds

• to pause the reading, click on the pause button

• there slso is a MP3 audio file download option

speech function in ebsco databases

Gale databases also offer a similar function.  For example,  Gale's Academic OneFile has a similar listening function at the top of its HTML articles;

speech function in Academic OneFile database

Using Adobe Reader to Read Aloud

The best  tools for screen reading include software such Kurzweil, JAWS and other  screen reader software.  BCTC provides access to sceeen reader software to all DSS qualified students. In addition,  Adobe has some built -in  read-aloud features as well, that will work on many PDFs

Adobe Software and Accessibility

Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat both have a read aloud feature.

To activate the read aloud feature:

In Windows OS:

• open the PDF

• go to the View option at the top of the screen and select Read Out Loud and then scroll down to the option listed called, Activate Read Out Loud

• click on the screen to begin reading. To pause, select a specific section, or read to the end of the document, select view, the read out loud option, and then the appropriate option (pause, etc.)

In Mac OS:

• open the PDF

• go to the Edit option at the top of the screen and select Speech and then select the option, Start Speaking

• reader will start automatically. To stop, select Edit at the top of the screen, then select Speech, and last select the option, Stop Speaking


EBSCO - Accessibility Resources

Ebook Central

BCTC Libraries provides an extensive collection of e-books via Ebook Central database.

Accessibility Features:

Create a free user account with Ebook Central and then use the download feature to download  book chapters that can be read by screen readers.  You can also use Adobe Digital Editions  (version 2.0 or above) to download an entire Ebook Central book for a 14 day check out period. Users can also activate the "accessibility mode" under settings, to help maximize the screen reader experience; when a user accesses Ebook Central using a screen reader, his or her screen reader will read out instructions for turning on accessibility mode.


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