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Films available to BCTC on Kanopy

Kanopy - BCTC

If off campus, you will need to authenticate via our proxy server, if you have not already done so. IScroll down and use the link that shows on the page to take you to the appropriate login, where you would use your college credentials. ( If you don't see the below link, you may need to click "watch now" link first)

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Why are there also links to login/signup at the very top of the Kanopy page?

The links to "log in" and "sign up" at the very top of the Kanopy page  (without the words bluegrasskctcs) are there in case you want to create a free, optional Kanopy personal account. Personal Kanopy  accounts can be useful if you are using Kanopy at multiple types of libraries, or if  you want to use the mobile app to access Kanopy.

Kanopy Mobile Apps

More Help

If you are having access issues, please try accessing the link in a new private window from your browser

Share or Embed a Film

BCTC Instructors: if you have the necessary permissions to add content to a course management system, (such as Blackboard), you can link to  a video BCTC currently subscribes to from Kanopy. Click the Share button under the video. A menu will open that will give you a link either to share or embed, based on your selection. (The image below shows the share option.). Please contact Maureen Cropper, the electronic resources librarian, if you have a question about how long a specific title will be available at BCTC, or other questions.

share a film

Kanopy FAQ

 Kanopy FAQS 

We are happy that you are interested in using Kanopy! Below are some FAQs related to Kanopy films

I am a BCTC faculty, staff, or student. Are Kanopy Films available to me off-campus, too?

Yes, if you log in through the BCTC’s Kanopy site,  will be able to access subscribed BCTC Kanopy titles off campus as well as on campus. 

Can I show a subscribed Kanopy film on a smart classroom screen, to students enrolled in my class, inside my BCTC on-campus classroom, during a class session?

Yes, you can view a Kanopy film in your on-campus class.

Can I show a Kanopy film to students enrolled in my online class, within my Blackboard Course?

Yes; you can show Kanopy films to enrolled students during an online class session, in a Blackboard course.

Can I embed/link to a Kanopy film BCTC subscribes to, within my Blackboard course?

Yes; you can. 

 Can BCTC college employees and students access Kanopy films for individual viewing? 

Yes. if the film is available. If you are unsure if a film is available, please contact a librarian.

Is there a Kanopy app?

Yes  More information, here:

How can I know how long a Kanopy film will be available for viewing at BCTC?

Please visit this list of currently available films. If you roll over the title of a film, you will see how long the film is available.  Need it longer? Please contact for options.

What are Public Performance Rights (PPR)?

Public Performance Rights (PPR) are the right to show media to groups. The producer or distributor assigns the rights for public performance. Kanopy films that have PPR are labeled as such (PPR icon). If you are not sure if a film has PPR, please contact a librarian.

When is PPR needed?

PPR is needed if media will be shown outside of home viewing or classroom use. This includes film series, student or faculty-sponsored lectures, and club events. PPR also generally requires that no admission be charged to see the film. In addition, there can be other specific regulations that may vary from one film distributor to another. For example, if used for a completely virtual extracurricular event, Kanopy only authorizes the use of viewing party mode (individuals log in separately to view a film.) Live simultaneous streaming from a single presenter’s computer is not a permitted use in this case.

Can I show a Kanopy film for an on-campus screening, such as at an on-campus location like a meeting room, etc.?

If the Kanopy film includes Public Performance Rights (PPR), you can screen Kanopy subscribed films in extracurricular college programming at an on-campus location, as long as no admission fee is charged.   

I am having technical difficulties when viewing a Kanopy film.

You can explore some troubleshooting tips, here. You can also contact a librarian or our BCTC Help Desk.

Why does a film page say "Sorry, this video is not available"?

That video is not available for viewing at this time for BCTC students, staff, or faculty. In most cases, this is due to it not being part of our subscribed collection. 

I am a BCTC instructor, student, or staff and I want to check to see if I can use a Kanopy film for an extracurricular event. Do I need to contact the library about that?

Yes. If you are thinking of using a specific Kanopy film for an extracurricular event, we ask that you contact a librarian so that we can assist you and answer any questions about modes of use.

I am a BCTC instructor, and I want to look at all the films in the Kanopy catalog, so that I can recommend a title I would like to use in my classroom.  How do I do that?

Go to the “” Kanopy site from the Kanopy guide, and click on “search” or “browse” from the menu to look for potential options in Kanopy. If you see a film you might want to use for your class in an upcoming semester, please contact or fill out the request form associated with the film.  Requests will be reviewed and filled based on funding availability and faculty instructional planning. Access is generally for one year.  Access will not be automatically renewed, so films for your class must be re-requested if wanted for second year. Usage statistics will also be considered. We look forward to, welcome, your requests!

Can I download a Kanopy film to a device? 

Films on Kanopy must be viewed online, and cannot be downloaded.


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