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BIO 151 - Resources (Chelvarajan)

Guide created for Lakshman Chelvarajan's BIO 151 lab class

BIO 151 Lab - Research Resources


Image: Erin Rod, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons


For Lakshman Chelvarajan's BIO 151 lab class

Position Paper: Is the Use of Genomic Editing valid and Ethical? -- Ethics Journals

Other Biology Journals that may be of use for your project


Books on Genetics and Ethics

Hot Topics / Contemporary Issues Databases

PubMed Central

Keywords - Genetic Ethics

adult stem cells

gene therapy for genetic disorders

genetically modified food

genetically modified animals


genetic privacy

DNA fingerprinting

prenatal diagnosis

mandatory genetic testing

transgenic plants


Human Genome Project

genetic carriers

nuclear reprogramming

sex determination

genetic counseling

genetic discrimination

genetic identity

genetic engineering

recombinant DNA biohazards



forensic genetics

sample cellular /molecular biology keyword searches

  • genetic engineering and sheep

  • liver cancer cell

  • genetically modified food

  • plant growth cell

  • human genome

  • stem cells and Alzheimer's disease

  • transgenic plants and animals

  • gene mapping

  • cell immunology

  • telomere length

  • cellular respiration

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