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FYE 105


Welcome to the BCTC LibGuide for FYE 105.  The Library is here to help you be successful in this and all of your other classes.  Please use this LibGuide as a resource for your class, and remember if you need more help, visit the library to get some in-person assistance!

Why Use The Library?

Why should you use BCTC Library?  Because we have a lot of resources and services that can make your life easier, in your FYE 105 class, and in all of your other classes as well!


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Database Searching

If you click on the Database Searching tab, you will get some tips on searching for journal articles.

There are different types of articles, so it is important to know the difference, and also to know which ones will work better when writing your paper. 

Popular articles are published in magazines that are written for the public.  They tend to be shorter, and are written using simpler language.  Sometimes, they summarize research, but they don't go into a lot of detail. 

Scholarly articles are written by professionals in the field and are usually based on research.  They tend to be longer and harder to read, but they often contain a lot of great information so don't let the length scare you away. 

Your instructor will usually tell you what types of resources you should use when going over the assignment.  While we have many databases to choose from, two that might be really useful for research in your FYE 105 class are:


Research Basics

If you click on the Research Basics tab at the top, you can learn more about research process.


  • Choosing a Topic:  Sounds basic, but sometimes your topic is too broad and you find way too much information.  Other times, your topic might be too narrow, making it hard to find enough information to write a good paper.
  • Improving Your Search Results:  There are some tips you can use to help you get really good results, which makes writing your paper so much easier.
  • Evaluating Those Sources Once You Find Them:  When searching, you often find many results, but how do you pick the best ones?
  • Learning a Little About the Different Types of Sources That You Might Find:  There are lots of different resources out there...books, electronic books (ebooks), popular and scholarly articles,  websites, etc.  How do you know the difference, and more importantly, choose the right ones?
  • The Information Cycle:  What is it and why is it important?

Career Resources

Clicking on the Career Resources tab will help you get started on your career exploration project. 

Here you will find information on:

  • General Career Information.  A great resource is the Occupational Outlook Handbook.
  • Career Assessment Information.
  • Salary and Local Job Information.
  • A Link to the BCTC Career Services. 


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