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Film Studies: Home

Selected resources on film, filmmaking, film history and criticism.


Are you looking for a great movie to watch? Curious about the significance of a plot point, character, or camera angle in a film you just saw? Interested in the history of film, or in the cinema of a particular country? Maybe you're thinking about making a movie of your own. The BCTC Library has lots of resources to get you started.

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Search Tips

BOOLEAN SEARCH OPERATORS can help you search the KCTCS Catalog and our databases more effectively.

To search an exact phrase, put the phrase into quotation marks. "Motion pictures" will retrieve only results with that exact phrase.

To narrow your search, use AND or +. For example, searching for cinematography AND lighting will find just those items whose records contain both of those words. Any item that mentions cinematography but does not mention lighting will not be retrieved.

To expand your search, try using OR. If you're interested in both topics, searching for cinematography OR lighting will return not only items whose records contain both of these words, but also items that only mention one of these words.

Another Boolean search item that may help narrow your search is NOT. Entering cinematography NOT lighting will retrieve only records that DO contain the word cinematography but do NOT contain the word lighting.

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